IP Trends’ Most Popular Posts

These are our all-time most popular posts on our main blog IP Trends:

1. 10 Observations on Patent Litigation in Europe

Where does litigation happen? Where are the most appeals and how many succeed? Lots of facts and figures.

2. 10 Tips For Success In European Patent Office (EPO) Appeals on Biotech Cases

When to amend. How to formulate strategy. What to expect.

3. 10 Biotech Claims You Cannot Have In Europe

What types of biotech subject matter are not patentable in Europe?

4. 10 Points on the EPO Boards of Appeal

What are the differences between Boards? What is causing backlogs?

5. 10 Observations on the Success and Failings of University Tech Transfer

Why are so few tech transfer offices breaking even? And what can be done about it?

6. 10 Observations on Clients by a European Biotech Patent Attorney

What types of clients are there? And how do we better serve their interests?

7. 10 Points from Patent Developments and Case Law in the US in 2013

Bowman v Monsanto, Myriad, Wyeth v Abbot, Therasense all seem such a long time ago.

8. 10 Points on the European Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court

The basics of two revolutionary changes in Europe.

9. 10 Points from UK Court Decisions from 2013

Virgin v Zodiac, IPCom v HTC, Nestec v Dualit, Generics v Yoda

10. 10 Points from IPO Patent Decisions in 2013

The UK Intellectual Property Office continued its hard line against business methods and computer software, whilst requiring help from the CJEU on parthenotes.



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