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1                   Top 10 Tips for Inventive Step (Obviousness) Success

2                   Top 10 Tips For Success In EPO Appeals on Biotech Cases

3                   Top 10 Observations on Clients

4                   Top 10 Controversial Issue in Biotech Patenting

5                   Top 10 Biotech Claims You Can’t Have in Europe

6                   Tips for EPO Opposition Success

7                   How to Report Office Actions to a Client

8                   Assessing Contribution Over The Prior Art On a Biotech Case

9                   Biotech Due Diligence Advice

10                 Building a Patent Portfolio

11                 Top 10 Uncertainties In Patents

12                 Top 10 Pieces of Advice to Applicants

13                 Top 10 Blogs for Commercial Biotech and Patents

14                 Top 10 Debatable Aspects of Biotech and Patent Topics in the UK

15                 Top 10 Difficult Biotech Claims to Obtain at the European Patent Office

16                 Top 10 Patenting Drafting Tips

17                 Top 10 Tips for Drafting Biotech Claims

18                 Top 10 Facts About UK Biotech

19                 Top 10 Tips On How to Write A Report of a Patent Decision

20                 Top 10 Non-patent Contributions Made by Patents

21                 Top 10 Reasons for Filing a Biotech Patent Application

22                 Top 10 Problematic Things For a Patent Attorney to Advise On

23                 Ways to Limit a Medical Use Claim at the EPO

24                 What Do You Need to Know About Commercial Biotech?

25                 What is Wrong with Big Pharma R & D?

26                 What’s Happening to Pharma Patents in India?

27                 Patent Advice for  Research Companies

28                 Patent Advice for Tech Transfer Offices

29                 Biotech Patents in Europe

30                 10 Observations on Patent Litigation

31                 Advice to People with Ideas

32                 Advice to Scientists Setting up a Company

33                 Top 10 Things That Go Wrong With Patent Applications and Patents

34                 Top 8 Disadvantages of a Specialist Patent Court

35                 Top 10 Observations on Antibodies

36                 Top 10 Misconceptions About Patents

37                 Top 10 Points about Gene and Protein Sequences

38                 Top 10 Points About Data

39                 Choice of National Phase Countries

40                 What Does UK Biotech Need?

41                 The Art of Being a Patent Attorney

42                 10 Points on Personalised Medicine at the EPO

43                 Top 10 Tips on Getting Difficult Cases Through

44                 Top 10 Tips for Evaluating Inventions

45                 Top 10 Observations on the EPO Problem Solution Approach

46                 Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Biosimilars

47                 Top 10 Tips on Building a Patent Portfolio

48                 Top 10 Tasks for Patent Attorneys in Litigation

49                 Top 10 Points from a UK Barrister to Patent Attorneys

50                 Top 10 Points on Arbitration in Patent Disputes

51                 Top 10 Observations on US Restriction Requirements

52                 How is Biotech Patenting Different?

53                 When is a Device Not a Device, T2003/08

54                 Top 10 Points on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

55                 Top 10 Topical Issues in Commercial Biotech

56                 Top 10 Tips from ICC’s report on IP and SME’s

57                 Top 10 Points from Banking on IP

58                 Top 10 Signs of a Well-Drafted Patent Application

59                 Top 10 Points on UK Court Patent Decisions from 2013

60                 Top 10 Points on Patent Developments and Case Law in the US in 2013

61                 16 Hot Startups from Cambridge UK

62                 Top 10 Points from EPO Case Law in 2013

63                 Top 10 Points from IPO Decisions in 2013

64                 Problems of Patenting and Commercialising University Research

65                 Top 10 Websites About Science Policy and Commercialising Research

66                 10 Patenting Scenarios

67                 10 Observations on Arab British Conference on Combating Transnational IP Crime

68                 10 Observations on Different Types of Research

69                 10 Points on Using Online Patent Databases

70                 10 Points on Muzzacato’s Rethinking the Role of the State

71                 10 Points on the EPO Boards of Appeal

72                 10 Points from Burrill’s Biotech Predictions for 2014

73                 10 Points on the Ethics and Morality of Patents in Europe

74                 10 Points About the State of the Pharma/Biotech Sector

75                 5 Points from Pharma Patents Case Law in the UK in 2013

76                 10 Points on Overly-Broad Patent Claims

77                 10 Observations on the Complexity of Patents

78                 Top 10 Tips for Oral Proceedings at the EPO

79                 10 Points from Deloitte’s ‘2014 Global Life Sciences Outlook’ Report

80                 10 Observations on the Success and Failings of University Tech Transfer

81                 10 Points on Regulatory Data Exclusivity

82                 10 Points on SPC’s (Supplementary Protection Certificates)

83                 10 Points on the Research and Bolar Exemptions

84                 10 Points on the European Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court

85                 10 Points on US Patent Law Developments Focusing on Biotech

86                 10 Points on Recent EPO and UK Case Law

87                 10 Points on Indian Patent Law

88                 10 Points on EPO Biotech Practice and Case Law

89                 10 Points on Decision-Making in Patents

90                10 Points on New US Post-Grant Proceedings


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