BusinessSnippet is written by Suleman Ali who is a patent attorney at Holly IP based in London (see www.hollyip.com).  The intention of this blog is to assist the business world of biotech, including patent attorneys, tech transfer offices, research companies and investors.

Holly IP is an intellectual property (IP) consultancy.  We act as a patent firm helping you to obtain patents for inventions.  However we also give strategic advice on how best to utilise patents, and more generally whether patent protection is appropriate for your business model. We advise on how you can achieve maximum benefit from your patents, and how you can obtain the most effective patent protection with minimal cost.

We work directly with inventors, universities and research companies.  We also provide consultancy services to other patent firms, law firms and financial firms interested in investing in technology.  We can advise on patents, design rights and trade marks.

Our in-house expertise is in the biotech and pharma sectors, but we have access to a network of consultants that can provide IP services in all sectors.  In biotech we have particular expertise in immunology and genomics.  We have many years of experience in handling complex biotech cases in Europe and the US.  We are able to give valuations of individual patent cases or portfolios, as well as carrying out a review of strengths and weaknesses.

Holly IP has two twitter accounts: Patent Clever (see here) gives patent news, and BusinessSnippet (see here) gives biotech business news.


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