5 IPKat Articles by Holly IP

We have now written 5 articles for the IPKat blog. We are very appreciative of the opportunity to write for this prestigious blog. These are the articles:

Taking It Personally: Patents, Medicines and Genetic Markers

This was about whether the European Patent Office was about to change its policy on the way it looks at the feature of patient groups when assessing the novelty of medical use claims. That would clearly have a lot of implications for claims covering personalised medicine inventions.

Is Innovation Always the Best Choice? A Review of the Global Innovation Index 2013

This article discussed what contributes to innovation and how it is measured, together with thoughts on how innovation policies fit into the wider issues of how a country should decide on where to use its resources.

Balancing IP and Human Rights: The Case of Medicines

This article explores the debate around the issue of access to medicines in the developing world, and whether this is a human rights issue.

The Heart of the Matter: One Patent, Two Views

This article reviewed the UK Court decision AGA Medical v Occlutech and contrasted the findings of the UK judge with what happened at opposition at the European Patent Office.

Publication of Patent Applications: Not So Unsexy After All

This is about proposals from the UK IPO to change the way it publishes application. The article considers all the possible consequences of this seemingly mundane issue.

We have also had the following articles published on blogs related to IPKat:

Are We Too Afraid to Rethink the Patent System (on the PatLit blog)

This article explores whether the patent system is still fit for purpose in the age of open innovation ecosystems.

Ethics Versus Money in University Tech Transfer (on the IP Finance blog)

This article considers whether hard-pressed university tech transfer offices should turn to Patent Assertion Entities to monetise their patents.



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