Patent Blogs

We are based in the UK and use blogs to keep informed about patent developments.  This post is based on our experience of reading patent blogs over the last 2 years.  Inevitably there is a UK, European and US bias reflecting our work needs.

Our favourite blogs are IPKat and Patently-O which we look at on a daily basis. Both blogs post frequently covering all major developments in a timely fashion. The writing is of high quality and objective. Diverse topics are covered with plenty of informed interesting analysis. IPKat has a UK and European focus, though also covering stories from other territories.  Patently-O is very US based.

We also look at IPWatchdog on a daily basis. Again all major developments are covered in a timely and thoughtful manner. We don’t always agree with IPWatchdog’s politics, but we accept it makes an important contribution to patent debates. IPWatchdog is very US based.

We also follow IP Finance and PatLit which are essentially subsidiary blogs to IPKat. Posts on these blogs tend to be based on more technical issues, but we usually find them interesting.  They post articles less frequently.

We also look at Patent Docs less frequently. We find it is very good for following US biotech/pharma issues (of which there are many at the moment).

Our firm, Holly IP, is part of Keltie’s K2 Network. That means we follow, and occasionally contribute to, IPCopy, which is very UK and Europe based.

We have recently started following Written Description. We find it to be very readable offering an insight into the academic side of US patent matters.

On more specialist matters we would mention the following:

Spicy IP. This is a very active blog covering all Indian IP matters. Lots of interesting opinions.

K’s Law. This EPO case law blog became inactive in May 2014 but it remains a useful online resource.

DeltaPatents, EQE Tools, EPLAW Patent Blog and  Le Blog du Droit Européean des Brevets are all good for EPO (and to an extent European) case law.

The SPC Blog. Very specialist.

You may also wish to see related articles 10 Points on Using Online Patent Databases and 9 Points on What Makes a Commercial Biotech Blog a Good One.


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