10 Websites from UK Academic Institutions Offering Technology for Licensing (Part I)

It seems to us that there is no central list in the UK showing all the technology that is available for licensing. Instead networking seems to be an important route for research organisations to connect with potential licensees. This list is the start of us trying to make sense of the technology licensing landscape.  Simply click on the name of the organisation to be connected to the relevant webpage.

1. Isis Innovation (tech transfer arm of Oxford University)

2. Imperial Innovations (tech transfer arm of Imperial College)

3. Cambridge Enterprise (tech transfer arm of Cambridge University)

4. Kings College London

5. Cancer Research Technology

6. MRC Technology

7. Warwick Ventures (tech transfer arm of Warwick University)

8. UCL Business (tech transfer arm of University College London)

9. Edinburgh Research and Innovation (the tech transfer arm of Edinburgh University)

10. Research and Enterprise Development (the tech transfer arm of Bristol University)

You may also be interested in related articles 10 Observations on the Complexity of Patents and 10 Points on Patents and Tech Transfer.


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