9 Videos on Plants, Food Security and Developing World Research Issues

We follow developments in Plant Technology and Food Security via our twitter account @GeneTanical (see here).  We follow developments in Developing World Research via our twitter account @Tech_Capture (see here)

The videos below provide a snapshot into these sectors.


1. Charles Godfray’s TEDxHouses of Parliament talk on ‘Food security and choice, can we have both?’

2. A talk by Professor Ariel Novoplansky at TEDxJaffa about ‘Learning Plant Learning’ (including plant communication)

3. A TED talk by Michael Pollan about ‘A plant’s-eye view’

4. A TED talk by Stefano Mancuso on Plant Intelligence

5. Bill Pritchard’s TEDxSydney talk on ‘The reality of food aid’

6. Lynn McIntyre’s TEDxCalgary talk on ‘Food insecurity is a lack of humanity’


1. Christopher Matteson’s TEDx talk on ‘Design for the developing world’

2. Sheryl WuDunn’s TED talk on ‘Our century’s greatest injustice’ (the global oppression of women)

3. Hans Rosling’s TED talk on ‘Debunking third-world myths with the best stats you’ve ever seen’

You may also wish to see related articles 10 Observations on Different Types of Research and Problems of Patenting and Commercialising University Research.


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