15 Videos Relating to Innovation and Tech

These videos are chosen to provide a snapshot of what is happening in the world of innovation and tech.

1. Seth Godin’s TED talk on ‘How to get your ideas to spread’. We live in a century of idea diffusion

2. Steve Johnson’s TED talk on ‘Where good ideas come from’ starting from an Oxford coffee house

3. TEDxBerkeley – Carl Bass – The New Rules of Innovation

4. Thad Roberts at TEDxBoulder talking about Visualising Eleven Dimensions

5. Pranav Mistry’s TEDIndia talk on helping the physical world interact with data

6. TechCrunch’s ‘Say What? The Quotable Disrupt NY’

7. TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2014, Print Your Own Makeup with Mink

8. TechCrunch’s Disrupt NY 2014 Startup Battlefield winner Vurb, a new way of searching the web

9. TechCrunch’s interview with the makers of HBO’s Silicon Valley

10. Steven Levitt’s TED talk on ‘The freakonomics of McDonalds vs drugs’

11. Peter Sage – Extreme Entrepreneur/London Real

12. Guy Kawasaki: The Top 10 Mistakes of Entrepreneurs

13. StartUpInsider:How Entrepreneurs Can Work With University Tech Transfer

14. Scott Anthony’s ‘How to Spot Disruptive Innovation Opportunities’ [A little bit old, but still relevant]

15. Fast Company film on Flying Books, Creativity and Winning an Oscar

You may also wish to see related articles 10 Points on Muzzacato’s Rethinking the Role of the State and 16 Hot Startups from Cambridge UK.


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