9 Videos Relevant to Commercial Biotech

These videos were selected on the basis of being informative about the present state of commercial biotech.

1. Early Stage Venture Financing panel discussion from BIO in 2013, moderated by Luke Timmerman

2. Ben Goldacre’s TED talk ‘What doctors don’t know about the drugs they prescribe

3. Burrill on Innovating in the New Austerity

4. Burrill on Personalised Medicine

5. Andrew Hessel at TEDxVilnius on ‘Genetics for Fun and Profit

6. Gregory Stock talking at TED about ‘To Upgrade Is Human’

7. Brad Doff talking at TEDxThunderBay on Sustaining Cities with Everyday Biotechnology:

8. Ellen Jorgensen talks at TED on Biohacking

9. Cathal Garvey talking at TEDxDublin about Bringing Biotechnology Into the Home

You may also be interested to see the following related articles What Do You Need to Know About Commercial Biotech and How is Biotech Patenting Different?


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