16 Hot Startups from Cambridge, UK

This list was published in the Observer newspaper on 1 December 2013.  It caught our attention as providing a representative perspective of startup activity in the UK.  The breadth of the technical areas, the ambitiousness of the projects and their altruistic nature show the UK at its best.

1.  Aqdot

Aqdot makes microcapsules that control-release active ingredients and which have many uses, including nutraceuticals and agrochemicals.  They see their primary opportunity as growing by licencing.

2.  Cambridge Communication Systems (CCS)

CCS make small scale mobile phone base stations that are based on microwaves.

3. Crowdsurfer

This provides a search service for finding alternative finance options, such as crowd finance.  They aim to become the market authority for alternative finance.

4. Cambridge Carbon Capture

They use electrochemical technology to produce energy while also locking up CO2 in carbonates.

5. Eight19

Eight19 makes flexible lightweight printed solar cells.  It has already spun out a company, Azuri Technologies, which offers pay as you go solar technology to consumers in rural areas without mains electricity.

6. Raspberry Pi Foundation

The makers of the world-famous customisable computer.

7. Knowledge Transmission

Delivers teaching materials via tablets and mobiles to students in the emerging economies.

8. Sparrho

Provides an intelligent discovery platform for science helping people to keep up with scientific developments.

9. Darktrace

This is a cyber security company that uses maths to spot unusual behaviour as it happens.

10. MISSION Therapeutics

Developing new cancer therapies.

11. Cambridge Epigenetix

Developing technologies that can identify chemically altered DNA to study epigenetics.

12. Intellisense.io

They hook up wireless-enabled sensors to industrial equipment and processes to improve efficiencies.

13.  Audio Analytic

Develops software for identifying specific sounds, even in noisy situations.

14. Magicsolver

Helping consumers to get the best free apps.

15. Psychology Online

Provides a secure messaging service for patients to undertake cognitive behavioural therapy from home.

16. Neul

Develops telecommunications equipment for the internet of things (IoT), allowing people to manage their IoT devices in the field.

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