Summary of Steven Burrill’s Predictions for Life Sciences in 2013

  1. Fundraising will continue to be difficult for biotech companies. Venture investors will continue to move away from startups, and so angel and corporate venture organisations will need to fill that gap.  Investors from the emerging markets will become more prominent.
  2. M&A activity fell in 2012. However an increase is now expected, and perhaps a big pharma or big biotech merger will happen in 2013.  Deals targeting companies that reach into Latin America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia will also be important.
  3. The trend for pharma to externalise research will continue.  They will also continue to share risk with partners, for example using a milestone based system for payments.
  4. Comparative effectiveness will become a reality for drugmakers as they will be required to demonstrate value and justifying pricing.
  5. Diagnostics will become more important with drugmakers under pressure to define the subpopulation of patients that respond to the therapy.
  6. Digital health technologies will become more common.

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